Top 5 Powerful X-Factor Auditions - Unbelievable Vocals HD

Duration: 11:39
Uploaded by: Unbelievable Vocals
Published at: 18 Oct 2013 - 04:12:07
Category: Music
Description: I decided to put together five of my favorite powerful X-Factor USA auditions. This is just my opinion of a few of the top power vocals, but there are plenty others. I am planning on making more videos of the unbelievable vocals from all over. Comment some of your favorite auditions, songs, artists and you may see your choices in the coming videos. Enjoy!

Feel free to skip to your favorite:

Number 5 Jeffrey Gutt - Hallelujah 0:06
Number 4 Diamond White - It's a Man's World 2:01
Number 3 Lillie McCloud - Alabaster Box 3:42
Number 2 Melanie Amaro - Listen 6:39
Number 1 Carly Rose Sonenclar - Feeling Good 9:13

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